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Meet the Scents



RELAXED MIND contains LAVENDER and COPIABA essential oils. Emotionally, lavender is known as the oil of calm; copiaba is known as the oil of unveiling.  Both invite us to let go and relax. Applied topically, lavender is frequently used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.  Copiaba has a soothing aroma and can be applied to the skin to promote a clear, smooth complexion.

JOYFUL HEART contains GRAPEFRUIT and YLANG YLANG essential oils. Emotionally, grapefruit is known as the oil of honoring the body; ylang ylang is known as the oil of the inner child.  Combined together, these oils are uplifting, supportive and a super sonic tonic for the emotions of the heart! Grapefruit is frequently used in skin care for its ability to promote the appearance of clear, healthy looking skin. Ylang Ylang is frequently used in luxurious hair and skin products for its scent and nourishing and protective properties.





DEEP BREATH contains PEPPERMINT and EUCALYPTUS essential oils. Emotionally, peppermint is known as the oil of a buoyant heart; eucalyptus is known as the oil of wellness.  Both invite us to take a deep breath and trust. Peppermint can be used aromatically and topically throughout the day to uplift mood and promote a sense of focus. Eucalyptus is an ideal oil to promote feelings of clear breathing and open airways and for creating a soothing massage experience. 

BIBLE contains FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH essential oils. Emotionally, frankincense is known as the oil of truth; myrrh is known as the oil of Mother Earth.  Combined, we are invited to let go of lower vibrations and rekindle trust within the soul. Topically, both of these oils are known for its soothing and beautifying properties; used to rejuvenate skin and help reduce the appearance of imperfections.   These oils have a rich history.


All the


ALL THE ACHES contains LEMONGRASS, MARJORAM and COPIABA essential oils. Emotionally, lemongrass is known as the oil of cleansing; marjoram is known as the oil of connection; copiaba is known as the oil of unveiling.  Together, they clear negative energy, teaches trust and move on Applied topically, lemongrass is an ideal oil to use in massage therapy and can be purifying and toning to the skin.  Marjoram is valued for its calming properties and its positive benefits when used during a massage. Topically, copiaba may soothe tired muscles and restore stressed skin.

FLOWER CHILD contains ROMAN CHAMOMILE and CLARY SAGE essential oils.  Emotionally roman chamomile is knows as the oil of spiritual purpose and clary sage is known as the oil of clarity and vision.  Together, they assist in opening creative channels and support individuals in discovering and living their true life's purpose. Both oils are known for its calming effect on the skin, mind, and body.





TREE HUGGER contains CEDARWOOD and TANGERINE essential oils.  Emotionally cedarwood is knows as the oil of community and tangerine is known as the oil of spontaneity.  Cedarwood supports individuals in seeing that they are not alone; life is a shared experience.  While tangerine has strong uplifting vibrations and teaches individuals to enjoy life by being more abundantly creative. When applied topically, Cedarwood essential oil has clarifying properties and is frequently used in massage therapy.  

FEED YOUR FOCUS contains VETIVER, LIME and SPEARMINT essential oils. Emotionally, vetiver is known as the oil of centering & descent; lime is known as the oil of a zest for life; spearmint is known as the oil of confident speech.  Vetiver assists in becoming more rooted and assists individuals in deeply connecting with what they think and feel.  Lime instills courage and encourages balance between heart and mind.  Spearmint inspires clarity of thought and confidently expressing oneself verbally. Vetiver's grounding aroma makes it ideal in massage therapy and preparing for a restful night's sleep. Lime oil is frequently used in facial and body cleansers for its purifying properties




We use doTERRA brand essential oils for all of our products.  I use their website, along with the book: Emotions & Essential Oils - A reference guide for emotional healing, when coming up with my 'meet the scents' descriptions.

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