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What Our Customers Think About Our Products

“The creativity and thoughtfulness of the products included in Hippie Hustle's Bath of the Month Club is amazing.  Each month I can’t wait to “unbox” the products and discover what exciting new scent combination was put together or new product included.  It’s honestly like Christmas in a small, beautiful box and it’s all for ME. “

Kara S., MI

 I love my Hippie Hustle room sprays.  They freshen the air and my furniture to get rid of pet odor.  I also love the Bible Body Butter for dealing with itchy winter skin!  My favorite products are the roller bottles.  My family uses them for headaches, fever, and stomach aches with great success.  Thank you Hippie Hustle for these amazing products!

Katie G., MI

The For Your Beard Body Butter will make your beard the talk of the town! I love it! My beard is soft and luxurious...ask my wife...or those randoms that just want to touch a sweet beard....(don't be that person). But really it's the best. I've spent countless dollars on inferior products, Hippie Hustle MI got it right! Thank you Erica!!

Wick W., NC

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